Fan assisted air circulation for even temperatures.

Heating Options: electric, gas, steam, hot water, thermal oil.

Manufactured in mild steel with polyurethane textured paint finish or 304 stainless steel.

Size Range: from 4 drum (1 IBC) through to 48 drum (12 IBC)

All ovens are CE marked and come with a comprehensive operator/service manual.

Amarc can also supply drum heating ovens to either full or part  ATEX certifications to suit your application.

For a large range of options please download the PDF drum oven presentation  > > > > >

Drum Heating Ovens for non-hazardous applications - click image to enlarge
8 Drum Heating Oven
8 Drum Oven with Sump
16 Drum Oven
32 Drum Oven
16 Drum Oven
40 Drum Oven
Drum Heating Ovens for ATEX applications - click image to enlarge
ATEX 8 Drum Oven
ATEX 4 Drum SS Oven
ATEX 8 Drum SS Oven
ATEX 24 Drum Oven
ATEX 16 Drum SS Oven
ATEX 16 Drum Oven
ATEX 4 Drum Oven
Visit AMARC-UK website to download drum oven general arrangement drawings with dimensions